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I am now offering Mindful Photography Sessions, I have a diploma in Life Coaching, an abundance of empathy, I'm non judgmental and I believe I can help people to stop...refocus and see the beauty infront of them.

I will be taking bookings from September 2022. Sessions to begin with will be a discounted rate whilst I am finding my feet with my new journey. Of course I'm still taking on photoshoots.

Mindful Photography Sessions

In this crazy world we are currently living in I have noticed people are finding it hard to actually just stop! I have always seen the beauty in literally everything especially nature and within the covid period it highlighted this is something special to have and I just want others to have this too as it brings out the happy.

With each session we will talk and go through what you're struggling with and recognising limiting beliefs and the core values in your life. My life coaching skills will help you form a clearer and more realistic vision of your future. The photography comes into play as we will be looking at things in a different way and getting you to stop plus we can talk in a non confrontational way. After your session you will receive a photograph which you took, this can go on your wall or somewhere you'll regularly see it so if you have a little wobble you can stop and look at your picture and "refocus" (see what I did there?!)

You do not need a camera, you can use the camera on your phone or if you're interested in using the DSLR I have one you can use.

This is not a photography lesson as such and this is not counselling its just some time out and to help look forward and improve life.

There will be a free consultation first, either video call or meet up and my trial price for each session is £35 for now. Please do get in touch to find out more and to book your first session. 





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