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Mary Poppins Wedding!

Well, where do I start...It all came about when my friend James recommended me to his friends (Emilie and Kerrie) to photograph their wedding. I went to have a meet up with them and literally 2 hours later I felt like I'd just been with life long friends..I loved their ideas, their vibe and soon realised we shared a love for cake and biscuits which is always good! Emilie and Kerrie made me feel so welcome. They were then happy to go ahead and book me as their wedding photographer. YAY!!! I was so excited knowing their special plans and I just knew it was going to be a fun couple of days. They had the legal ceremony at Norwich Castle dressed as Mary Poppins and Burt and they certainly came in style and character! Just so wonderful and so much fun. Their guests were all dressed in the same T.Shirt designed by their dear friend. Everyone sang and waved flags as they left the castle, it was fab.

a couple of days after they had a commitment ceremony where they shared their own written vows which was wonderful as it was held in their friends stunning garden. We all then headed over to Hethersett village hall for a tea dance, guests were dressed in 1940s dresses and suits, they looked stunning. I can honestly say I have never felt so much love and happiness in the air as I did that day, I could literally feel it! though I am a little weird like that. I kept saying to friends afterwards how amazing this wedding was never expecting it to hit the news. Everyone had a little dance lesson so that EVERYONE felt included, even I had a go!

The ladies sing in a group "American Tan" and 3 male friends decided to dress up and mimic them and put a little show on which surprised them and everyone in the room, its was so funny. I don't think those men needed much persuasion hehe and I could see how fond they were of this special couple. There was so many homemade cakes and sandwiches all laid out lovely. As I'm a cake connoisseur my favourite was the upside down cake (made by Deni) it had just the right texture and flavour was spot on. What more could you want than yummy food, dancing, feel good music, fabulous friends and family who clearly adore this pair and lovely weather.

To wrap this blog up I feel its been such a honour to share special moments with Kerrie and Emilie, capture their wonderful wedding, I've been able to help with little bits here and there, learnt some new dance moves, met some really fab people and I cannot believe their story including some pictures took by little ol me has reached the NATIONAL PAPERS!! wow!! I wish Kerrie and Emilie all the very best and a life time of happiness and adventures. Its just a happy feel good story and what's not to love about that hey?! Its exciting to see what will happen next! Ladies, thank you so much for booking with me xx #marypoppinswedding #norfolkwedding #lovetatepotography #norwichcastlewedding #norwich #marypoppins

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