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Mindful Photography Sessions

So, for the best part of this year I have actually been studying Life Coaching and yay! I passed my test this week and now have a diploma in it. This came about as I wanted to start offering mindful photography sessions to try help people to stop, refocus and see the beauty infront of them. I felt I needed something else behind me for this so I began a life coaching course. I am thrilled to start a new journey with this and hopefully fulfil my dreams in helping people. I love people and I love photography so I wondered how I could combine the two and bam...Refocus was then born! Please get in touch if you would like to know more or even book your first session.

I am taking bookings from September 2022. Teens to 100 years of age!

You don't need to own a fancy camera, your phone camera will be enough plus I have a spare camera.

Thanks for reading

Josie x

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